Black Land Ownership

Our Mission
We centralize resources, information and funds for Black people interested in buying land. We aim to fund land projects that support the Black community artistically, economically and educationally as well as collaborate with students across the country to research, buy and preserve otherwise unfinanceable land in an effort to protect our environment.

Black land ownership is a human rights issue.

Black Land Ownership is a grassroots organization, founded by Christopher Banks Carr and Melissa Hunter Gurney, to combat the historical, systematic and institutionalized marginalization experienced by people of African descent. Our goal is to centralize information, raise funds and encourage/empower Black people to purchase more land specifically in rural areas. Our research, although specific to the Black community, absolutely reveals the need to raise awareness for other marginalized groups — women, trans, indigenous, immigrants — with limited resources or capital. Black Land Ownership, as an entity, is inclusive of these groups. However, it is imperative to recognize the outrageous mistreatment and disparity aimed at Black people not only in the U.S. but worldwide.

Meet our team.

Christopher Carr
Melissa Hunter Gurney
Vladic Ravich
Christina Donnely
Marcus Demery
Ryn Burns
Architect & Board Member