What is the goal?

To centralize resources, information and funds for Black people interested in buying land. To fund land projects that supports the Black community artistically, economically, agriculturally and educationally. To support in collaborations with students across the country to research, buy and preserve otherwise unfinanceable land in an effort to protect our environment and/or give back to communities in need.

Is this organization inclusive of other groups?

Our research, although specific to the Black community, absolutely reveals the need to raise awareness for other marginalized groups - women, trans, indigenous, immigrants - with limited resources or capital. Black Land Ownership, as an entity, is inclusive of these groups.

Why use "Black" in the name if it isn't only Black people?

It is imperative to recognize the outrageous mistreatment and disparity aimed at Black people not only in the U.S. but worldwide. People of African descent being landless or displaced is an issue that has occurred anywhere colonialism has happened. Due to this fact the term “Black” in our name is not meant to be discouraging to other groups or separatist in nature but is done to bring attention to the overt mistreatment of people of African descent in this country.

Where does the money go?

All donations and proceeds from sales of mugs and t-shirts go to the organization’s administrative costs and community outreach projects. Those projects include but are not limited to purchasing rural land outright for community use, youth development, artist retreats, advocacy summits and continued research.

Any other questions?

Feel free to email [email protected].