Interview Series

Just For My People presents the "Black Land Ownership Interview Series"—a series of discussions, interviews and conversations with various experts, researchers, participants and organizers that work or deal with land.

We are bringing in architects, lawyers, engineers, farmers, urban planners, electricians, plumbers, designers, artists, folks that work in finance and any other person we think has information to contribute to the discussion about Black land ownership and land-use in general. We created this series with a few things in mind; there are very few outlets for people that work in architecture, engineering, construction, land management, sustainable development, city planning and fields that don't have an entertainment value or that don't directly tie into popular news topics—and even fewer that feature Black folks.

We think that the issues of land ownership, stewardship, management and conservation are unequivocally important and would like to create a way to amplify the voices of the individuals and institutions committed to these issues. Another motivating factor for creating this series is to put a face to the issues; to personalize these issues and to show viewers the people that are engaged with these issues and remove some of the mysticism, remove some of the distance, remove some of the seemingly bureaucratic or administrative stigmas by bringing folks someone to share their opinions, their feelings, their experiences and connect the academic, the technical, the systemic to the personal experience.

The interviews are hosted by Chris Carr and tend to be between a half hour and an hour long and flow in a conversational manner that is nonjudgmental and provides a space for our guests and contributors to be honest, authentic and as informative as possible. We try to make sure that the information is accessible to people regardless of their educational background or previous experience with the subject matter, but we also encourage our guests to be as specific as possible and to get as technical and complicated as necessary to fully elucidate the topics at hand. We want to tackle the big, untenable and complicated issues.

We hope that this series will provide information for folks who have no connection to land ownership or management conservation as well as people that have spent decades in the field.

If you have any questions, concerns or additional information and/or if you would like to be featured on the "Black Land Ownership Interview Series", feel free to send us a note at [email protected].